In 5 hours of HD video content, Alex explains his approach to photography, editing and the sometimes overwhelming but super important business side of things.



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Learn HOW Alex has become one of the most followed photographers on social media today. He will teach you how he uses his passion for photography and the outdoors to travel to the 4 corners of the world and work with internationally renowned brands like Land Rover, Canon, Google, Arcteryx… Just wait and see what he’s got planned for your successful journey to help YOU achieve and unlock photography goals that you thought were never possible until now.


01. Introduction

Welcome to Alex’s studio! Meet the photographer and learn what he’s got planned for you.

02. Gear

Take a detailed look into the gear Alex uses for his photography: cameras, lenses, memory cards, storage, backup, and his trusted gear in the outdoors (tents, sleeping bags, travel gear).

I. Approach & Process: Making Memorable Images

01. Aperture, Shutter Speed: Knowing Your Camera

Aperture and shutter speed are critical aspects of photography and knowing your camera like the back of your hand is makes photography more natural. Alex explains why he thinks people are at times too concerned with aperture and shutter speed and why it’s important for your camera to feel like an extension of your body.

02. Shooting at Blue Hour

For a lot of photographers, as soon as the sun sets, it’s time to go home. But for Alex, it’s the beginning of a new day. Alex shares his process to shoot in low light conditions without a tripod and how he uses external sources of light for his late evening work.

03. Aerial Photography

Drone photography has been a game changer over the past few years. Alex will share is aerial and drone best practices to make the most of your shots from the skies.

04. Creating Harmony

Here Alex outlines his process to making harmonious images. He goes over the rule of thirds, which formats (portrait, landscape, square) suit certain images, the way we read pictures, foreground & background, seeing color palettes, choosing your subject, using leading lines and vantage points.

05. Conveying Emotions

How to make pictures that move people. Alex explains his approach to finding a theme that resonates with him and how to keep in mind the end viewer of the image in mind.

06. Telling Stories & Developing a Personal Style

Story always rules vs Skill. In this episode the photographer explains the important role that stories play in his photography. How to find your own stories or tell someone else’s: finding thematics, characters, places loaded with stories right in your own backyard. Then he outlines the steps to take to get started.

07. Staying Motivated & Pushing Past Creative Blocks

Don’t beat yourself up over creative blocks. We all have them. Alex will dive into the methods and strategies he’s developed over the years that have helped him push past creative blocks and to stay motivated as a freelancer.

08. Trip Planning & Location Scouting

Offline and online research, topo maps, google maps, reaching out to friends and locals. Alex delves into how he scouts for new photo locations and what’s in his mobile smart phone tool box to help plan trips, scout locations, and best understand weather conditions.

09. Assembling a Team & Working with Models

Depending on your project or adventure you need to surround yourself with the right people to get the job done. Alex explains how he builds a team with the right people he can trust, that he can rely on, and that make up for his weaknesses. He also explains why he likes to work with models he already know and how to make models he doesn’t know feel comfortable in front of the camera.

10. Get Out & Shoot

Alex has explained his approach and process, now it's time for you to get out and start creating your own memorable images. Find some buddies to shoot with and do so on a weekly or biweekly bases, reach out to someone you look up to and meet them in person, tell a story, and scout new locations.

II. Workflow & Editing: Developing Your Own Style

01. Pre-shoot Preparation

How Alex builds a smooth workflow for a challenging shoot: memory cards, hard drives, backup process…

02. Transferring Files & Making Selects

File management is a critical part of photography. Keeping your files organized will save you so much time in the long run and allow finding images from months or years ago a breeze. Alex will show you his file handling process, his Adobe Lightroom keyword method, and how he makes selects after a shoot.

03. Editing Part 1

Alex’s editing process in Adobe Lightroom: Basic Adjustments, Tone curve, HSL Panel, Split Toning Sharpening, Camera Calibration, Gradient and Radial filters.

04. Editing Part 2

Finishing images on Adobe Photoshop CC: Masking areas Opacity Masks & Brushes, removing objects with Clone Stamp & Patch Tool, final Curves, Levels, Color Profiles: Adobe RGB, sRGBm saving images for web and saving for archiving.

05. Making Presets

Presets are a powerful way to speed up your editing but they need to be used wisely. Alex describes step by step the method he uses to build his own presets from scratch.

06. Phone Editing

How Alex finishes some of his images on Lightroom Mobile and Instagram.

07. Archiving & Online Backups

One of the most critical aspects of being a professional photographer is ensuring your life's work is safe and protected. Alex will dive into his methods of backup and archiving, both on the cloud and in physical formats.

08. Delivering Files to Clients

There’s many different ways to deliver files and proofs to clients. Alex will explain which sites he uses depending on the client and situation.

09. Develop Your Style

You've now seen how Alex goes about his image organization and editing. It's time for you to take what you've learned and apply it to yourself. Alex has some final words and actions for you to stay organized, the path to developing your own style, and how to create your own presets.

III. Getting Noticed & Working with Brands: Transform Your Career

01. Managing Your Life Budget

Finding your ultimate goals and adjusting your financial decisions accordingly is one of the ways Alex has been able to succeed as a professional photographer and still maintain a healthy personal life away from the camera. Here Alex will explain the importance of reinvesting in yourself and running your life’s budget like a business.

02. Building a Solid Portfolio

Your portfolio speaks volumes as a photographer. Having a developed and maintained portfolio is critical when it comes to shooting for specific clients. Alex gives examples on how he currated his own portfolio to shoot for his dream clients.

03. Ad Agency vs Client

Alex explains the difference between the two and which of the two you want to be reaching out.

04. Finding Brands That Fit You

Nowadays, more than ever it’s crucial to be authentic. Alex shares how we went from doing a lot of one-off projects to only working with a few select brands that are a natural fit.

05. Talking To The Right People

Getting your foot in the door can seem like an impossible step for some, but maybe you’re just approaching things in the wrong way. Alex tells his best methods for creating positive and lasting relationships with brands.

06. Creating Value for a Brand

Our world has an abundance of talented creatives meaning brands have an abundance of people they can work with. Today it’s all about creating as much value as possible for the brand you work with to land jobs. Alex will tell his best practices for creating such value.

07. Saying No

We all have bills to pay and saying no to a project can seem impossible. Alex shares stories where saying no ended up being beneficial in the long term.

08. Getting What You’re Worth

The negotiation phase can seem overwhelming at first but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here Alex shares how he became comfortable with this annoying but necessary phase of a project. He also shares his most effective techniques to get access to healthy budgets.

09. Paid To Travel the World ?

A dream come true...

10. Decks & Moodboards

These are often overlooked but they are Alex's most effective vehicle to sell ideas to clients. Here he shows examples from previous presentations and goes over his best practices to build beautiful decks that sell.

11. Taking Steps to Accelerate Your Career

All this theory calls for action. Alex will set out some goals for you to ensure these modules have impact on your photography and career.


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